Welcome to my site! I'm an Assistant Teaching Professor at Georgetown University. I've also held appointments at Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount, and St. Michael's College (VT). I did my PhD work at Purdue University, where I studied under Jeff Brower. I'm a specialist in the history of philosophy. My research and publications focus on perennial issues in metaphysics, especially in the Middle Ages and Late Scholasticism. One of the aims of my work is to explain the value of neglected historical figures to my students and to others in the academy. I wrote my dissertation on one such figure, Francisco Suárez (1548–1617). In it, I examined Suárez's views about causation and causal explanation.

My work has been published in Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Review of Metaphysics, Canadian Journal of Philosophy, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, and edited collections from Cambridge (under contract) and Routledge. In 2015, I received the Founders Award from the Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. For more information about my background and interests, please see the links to my Teaching and Research.